Sunday, 7 December 2008


I've been looking at for a couple of weeks now and had the opportunity to meet with one of its creators Danny.

As some of you might be aware this online desktop publishing tool is now available to anyone with an LGFL account.

I have only been exploring this my self and with other teachers, but in the new year I plan to use this with my class much more extensively.

Why do I like it? Well it is a very easy to use online word processor, so ideal for KS1 and even KS2 children. It is also something that children can access at home and create interesting pieces of work through it.

The real power of it though is with its collaboration possibilities. I or any child can create a document and then share with others and you can all interact on the same piece of work.

Some of you are thinking what about google docs, and yes there are many similarities but this is a well designed, secure children friendly environment.

If you have LGFL in your school go a check it out at

Let me know if you use it in any interesting ways.

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