Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Apps in Class - Pic Collage

After some advice from Antony Evans I was eager to try our the app Pic Collage with my class today.

The lesson itself already had the outcome of creating a poster to think about how we handle anger. So after playing with this great app that allows you to place images, text and stickers on a page just like a poster I was hooked.

The children where give the task of taking a photo of themselves angry and happy and explain how we know we are angry and how we can stay happy. The example below shows what I created to show the idea, the images where inserted from inside the app using a Google image search tool.

They had 15 minutes to complete this task in groups of 3. I spent 1 minute explaining the app and then set them to work. A few children asked a few questions about how to add text but the children took to the app quickly and all expect one group produced a poster. Considering this was the first time this class had used the iPads as a whole class is worked extremal well. A simple app with a clear task helped to make this successful. We shared the work by emailing them to a blog where they auto posted - we will come back and review them next week. Here are two examples.

I'd recommend this app as a quick way to create record events using photos in class. Could science experiences be recorded this way?

Check it out...
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