Sunday, 25 February 2018

London CAS Conference 24th Feb

So yesterday was the 3rd CAS London Conference.
I attended a number of sessions and ran one. I am going to just review some of the sessions I attended and give my thoughts

It started with a talk from John Nixon, Ofsted National Lead for Computing.

His presentation definitely had a number of things that was food for thought, it's worth pointing out here so that everything he said could be applied to any subject within schools.

From a computing point of view though he mentioned that although Ofsted don't have a preference for the type of technology that are being used in school the key things are looking for is the impact and implementation of that technology. So they will be asking Leadership questions about how well does it work and if it doesn't what are you doing about it.

He made it very clear that even though Computer Science was a large component of the new curriculum we should not be losing sight of other aspects of ICT.