Friday, 12 December 2008

2simple Advisors Day - 2DIY

Just a very quick note about last Fridays Primary Advisors Day at 2simple.

This was the first time I attended such an event, and we where shown some great stuff in advance of BETT. This is a bit of a teaser and Anthony will soon have a more in depth look at the software shown.

We where shown:
2Collaborate (with ActiveExpression)
2Simple French
2Simple Online Tools
2Do It Yourself

The last one quite simply blew me away. It basically allows you to make flash based activities. Check out the one I made in 2 minutes below!

2DIY is a truly a amazing bit of kit which teachers are gonna find invaluable. I want it now!!!! I can't wait to unleash my children on it to create their own games.

Grab it at BETT.

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