Wednesday, 9 January 2008

SMART Notebook Version 10 - its here

Readers of Anthonys Blog will know that this is the new software from Smart. He has posted a number of youtube videos. (I'll put the link below)

Finally after weeks of trying I finallt managed to download it. It does not disapoint.

It retains all the functions from before and adds more.

Finally you can make tables - no longer will you have to draw them - works very much like MS word.

The dual page mode which in the past was hidden under menus is on the main toolbar.

The auto draw shape tool is excellent - this will correct all your bad shape drawing.

You have a fill tool - I think its new - I've never noticed this before.

You can now animate text just like MS Powerpoint. - need to play with this a bit more.

Themes are a new one as well - work in the same way as powerpoint themes - set one up apply it and all your sides will take on the same formatting - background colur etc... Nice quick way to alter Notebooks to your schools prefered set up.

All in all great additions - try and download it from here....

Here's a link to a selection of videos that show most of what I discussed above.

Enjoy - Hope to see some people a BETT 2008

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