Tuesday, 8 January 2008

More on ICT Infrastructure

Happy New Year.

I was welcomed back to school with unfortunate news - the brand new ICT Suite which had been installed in September had been stolen. So no ICT for a few weeks....

But how is this related to ICT Infrastructure - before I was saying how important it was to have a reliable system etc...

What I have discovered the hard way is security is part of this. If you have poor security then your infrastructure will be stolen. Our server was also stolen - which meant the data and work went as well - luckily we have a backup that is done on a weekly basis automatically so we can restore our work. How many schools out there have a regular back up made. If we didn't we would have lost 2/3 years of planning and resources.

My new plan for the suite is - Computers locked to desks with cables. Bars on windows - not nice looking but its a deterrent.

Finally because the sever was stolen I've decided to keep the new server in a completely different location to the suite. A sever can sit anywhere. This way the work and data is much more secure.

Hopefully some of these points might help you avoid the same mistakes I have.

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John Sutton said...

Hi Nic, bad luck - really leaves a sour taste. As well as bars on windows (shutters can be more effective, as you can't see in) etc, make sure you've got no access via roof areas and a nice strong door (ideally with shutter). Break glass detectors are also worth thinking about, and you must have an alrm sensor in the room. Shutters are not as expensive as you might think and if they are bolted at the bottom they can take a while to break through. All worth investing in as the peace of mind is priceless, says he speaking with bitter experience.