Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lego WeDo 2.0

I love robots.

At CES last week Lego announced an updated version of the Lego Wedo kit.

I really like the original kit. Its a great way to get physical computing into the classroom.

The new kit is not massively dissimilar in terms of the input and output options. It contains the same motor, a tilt sensor and light sensor, though the official site states that the seniors have been improved. These all connects now via a bluetooth control box.

The programming input is almost exactly the same as the original. 
So why is this new version so exciting?

 The kit is now wireless and will work any computer or tablet. 

There are some great new models - the new Rover Milo is very cute and is a great introduction to the software and sensors. 

The original kit has 9 models in the basic kits which gave instructions to build  all of them. This kit has ideas for 24 models and instructions for 12 different starter models, which can be used in different ways. The software has been reworked to much better provide a stimulus for children to explore ways to solve problems. 

There was away to record what was being done in the last version, but the documents tool has been made more simple to use, if being used on a tablet is is very easy to take images, video and make notes during the project.

I've been happily playing around and made the Milo Rover react to a joystick on it's back.

I've made it count and change colour. This is a think a new feature as it can display text and number and do simple sums. It can store one variable and do some limited actions on it.

I've tried to make a grabbing claw.

I'll be playing more with my new WeDo and hope to check it out more at the BETT show next week.

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