Sunday, 19 January 2014

BETT/SSAT Speed Learning 2014 - Notes and Links

I will be hosting a table session at BETT/SSAT Speed Learning 2014.
I'll be in the Platinum Suite at 10.30.

I'll be there talking on behalf on CAS about some Practical Classroom Idea in regards to Programming.

What coding software works best in the classroom?

Key Message
So we all need to be able to program and think logically. Some hints and tips and what work well in the classroom.

Key Messages/Tips/Ideas that you shared
What shall I do in my school?
What can I choose from?
Some examples of what I have developed and a suggestion of what I think works well in the classroom.
What to use in KS1 and KS2?

An informal discussion to answer some of the questions below:
  • What do the changes mean for class teachers?
  • What is programing?
  • What does logical thinking mean?
  • Where can we go to find resources?
  • What are you worried about?
  • What should I avoid?

 – A guide to the new curriculum. - Join here to access loads of resources. - Loads of Tutorials and links to more information. The video below is a must watch.  - A great site written by another CAS member Phil Bagge - A site with loads of think related to the new curriculum. - a great site for you to learn more if the programming bug bytes you.

Shared By:
Nicholas Hughes
CAS Master Teacher
Head of Computing and IT at Latymer Prep School
Previously AST for ICT within the London Borough of Redbridge

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