Sunday, 20 May 2012

iPads are awesome.

I have been lucky enough over the last few weeks to have access to 10 iPads to use with my class.

They are amazing devices I will summarize some of the various activities I have done.


- We where investigating properties of 3d shapes. The children had to make models using straws and blue-tack. The iPads where used to make a quick record of their work. In 3s each group once they made the shape had to take a photo and then add it to pages and note down the faces, edges and vertices of the shapes. I showed the class quickly how to take a photo and then insert it into pages. A number of children had not used an iPad before but with minutes the class was on task discussing and working on the task at hand. The groups then emailed me the work at the end of the lesson.

- As part of our super hero topic I used the Comixology App on the iPad to download some free comics that we could read and respond to during guided reading. This was a nice activity that ran independently. You can see some of the children's responses here. I didn't have to show the children how to use the app as we had used it the previous week for whole class comprehension when we looked at another comic. Credit fro this idea should be give to Anthony Evans read his post here.


- We have been studying the Tudors. One of our lesson was to research the wifes of Henry VIII. In previous years I had used the class laptops and provided a links to sites via the sever or fronter, This time I used the iPads and some QR Codes. It was great children opened the scan app scanned the code which was on the board and printed round the room. Scanning from the board didn't always work annoyingly. Children though quickly got to work and it was great seeing the devices being used like a textbook would.

I want more 30 in a class could be amazing.

As part of the Redbridge Games Network I have been luck enough to explore

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bryn Shelley said...

I like this, I will continue to read as I consider IPads for the Primary school I work in.
One comment - you use where not were quite often.