Sunday, 17 January 2010

TeachmeetBETT 2010

In the evening of Bett I attended the Teachmeet, a place where anyone can get up and talk for 2 or 7 minutes about what they are doing in class. It’s a great place to be inspired as one teacher said what’s normal to us is a lightbulb to someone else. A list of all the speakers is here and you can re-watch the whole thing by replaying the live flashmeeting.

If you wanna know nore about what a teachmeet is click here and watch the video.

These are the things that I took away with me. – as a way to create speaking avatars. 2 teachers spoke about how they are using it as:
- a way for showing younger children to navigate the MLE
- an MFL tool, by creating Voki’s that speak different languages.
- a way to present Lit work inparticular poems – it also has the ability to leave comments.

Get a Voki now! – a way to share a number of links in a single link. Click on the link and they will all open up in tabs. It’s a great way to prepare lessons and almost teach just from a series of webpages. Share your planning over twitter. - of all the links from this post.

An idea for Databases – a murder mystery which you have to solve by investigating databases – cool idea. - create videos online – great starter activity for introducing video creation and editing.

David Phips of – showed live how you can turn two Wii motes into a Interactive whiteboard - £100 cost. It was great ;o)

Helen Myers – talked passionately about how she has discovered Second Life and been using it to learn languages and how that she is starting to build a Languages world in Teengrid. Check out her video.

Of course I spoke as well check out the video of the of me speaking about the Redbridge Games Network.

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