Tuesday, 13 January 2009

2diy - Hands on testing

This week I managed to use 2simples newest program 2diy with my class. It didn't disapoint. I saw this programmed at a consultants day at 2simple HQ a few weeks ago and was blown away by the simple and rapid results.

I simpley showed my class the basic functions and then allowed them time to create a game. This was bit of an experiment to see the potential of the software. Below are just two examples of games my class made over the course of about an hour. Most of this was done with very little teacher input - this was a piece of software where the children led the way. I offered evauation when I had a go of the game and said that it was too easy or too hard, the children did this to each other.

There is a vast amount of potential for this piece of software as a teacher tool - creating games for the IWB and as a creative tool for children. To make an effective game children need to be taught and to think about the 'story' of the game, and to consider audience in terms of difficulty.

Click on this link to check out more of the games my class made.

Check it out and Bett this week.

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