Monday, 19 May 2008

Teachmeet Live

PSHE Go-Givers

Free Tools.

Make personal timelines - future goals.
Ballot box....

2simple - work in africa - desire for technology.

Richard - Delight
Delight is......

What is exciting....
Jen Herron.... Book - Physology in.....

RM - Asus.
Power of asus....
Youtube video - review edugeeks.
birmingham -
one laptop per child -

machine for uk school or promise elsewhere in the world.

Getting global - humanties ed centre.
Global citisenship.
Tower Hamelets.

Golbal Change

Global Home - Geography
Datalogging on a global scale.

Frame datalogging in a real context.

Terry Freedman's

Free Book - interesting projects
People invited to tell about web 2.0 projects.
His page

36 ideas for flickr

1. school profile create

2. Big Art Mob - Channel 4.

3. Photographs - community walk.

4. love lines -

5. flickr set comics - bangs

6. cloning and photo distorion.

7. Libaray of Congress

8. Add notes on photos.... explain objects.

9. My story - group - adding story to photo.

10. Ticket stub and a story

11. keith richards - photo a day

12. working closet - what people wear.

13. i ATE THIS

14. Classroom displays

15. fashion street......

16. tell a photo in 5 frames.

17. six word story - add 6 words to a photo

18. voice treads - tell a story

slide share....

Fortismere art department.

How to slack off in ICT sessions

MP3 sleave

french games

babelfish - tarnste sites

Dugles Adams - technology change.

Visulizer forum

- whay are visulizers are good?

Youtube video about effective use.

Demo what what you are doing....

Why is a visulizer better/worse that a IWB?

Creative, technical tasks.....

Nic Hughes
Have a go even, though it might fail..... - quote for teachmeet
Robosapiens Rule

Communication...... through ICT
Becta site.....

Stories being told through videos, images... Allows stories to be told.

Daniel Needlestone's Lady...Year 9
Masterclass for GandT

China - chinatown project and scripting and movie created.
Live online chat

Posted questions to be answered by expert?
Separate Lessons

GandT and ICT???? How can we do this more???? Next Year can this be done????
Allowed to fly.

Softease - Honeycomb.

Drew Bubbie's
Rockbuilding.... GandT
ICT research thread - VLE are they any use?

Pupils don't like them and teachers can't put on content.
Not true.....
merapolis moodle site
Refute -

Project created - allowed this blog post to happen.

rss to phone sms

yccpodcast 88020

what works well
Sharing practice to improve learning - case studies dcff - national stargies supported.

Tom White - Animals into art.
Shape poetry workshops.
Year 5/6 - arkive



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