Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Effective Use of the IWB

The following are links and resources involving effective use of the IWB.

What does good look like? Effective use of an IWB.

Recording Presenting Interactive

Use online games -
Use video - Youtube, Teachers TV.
Use images - flickr
Don't over plan - but do plan (think key questions)
Leave blank spaces to write and record.
Remember it's not just a teacher tool.

Web Resources


Teachers TV Videos

Story Starters
Story Starters 2
Numeracy Problems

Using Images


Using Video

http://zamzar.com/ - Online tool for converting video file to other formats.

http://keepvid.com/ - Online tool for saving youtube, teachertube, googlevideos.

Super Video Converter - you need to click through 3 pages - keep looing for download

Use of video to inspire writing and discussion.

Scheme of Work information

Newham SoW
Year 4 QCA
Wokingham SoW
Greenwich SoW
ICT Primary Progressons

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