Monday, 14 January 2008

Cool Items from Bett 2008

First off Hardware: Q4technologies - Interesting Stand which caught my attention from some of the show guides. Basically its a piece of software that allows you to programe and control Robospaien Robots. Most of the software only works with the new robosapein V2, but the highest programme level had support for all the robospaien robots. The software has 3 versions which have a clear progression from KS1 all the way up to KS4. I saw it and was really inpressed. The ks2 interface has programing language like LOGO - its a new take on robo dance with mindstorms Lego. Check out this video of the robots danceing to a program - at the highest level.

On the TTS stand we had the newest offering from the makers of Beebot. The Easi-Speak it is a really easy to use voice recorder. It records about 2/4 hours of voice, (depends on format), it had a USB rechargeable battery built in and had the ability to record multiple tracks. For £25 each or 5 for £100, it is a great buy and a possible solution to how to podcast in the classroom without the need for a pc.

Finally the last offering was the Roamer Version 2 - Sadly still a prototype but it seems to have a lot of potental. The way I understand it is that you will be able to remove the 'brain' of roamer and get it to control other things - so set up traffic light simulations.

Next up Software: - there where 4 interesting pieces of software at the show.

Honeycomb by Testease - which i mentioned on the last post is a easy to use safe - blogging personal website tool - its is worth a look, though isn't cheap.

Podium Version 2 - was also being shown - Podium is a great pieces of software which others have been using for a while - these updates finally allow to add backing tracks to the audio you record.

2Simple had 2Publish+ which Anthony had already talked about - I need to have a closer look still, but looks great. Another I just spotted as I left was 2Design and Make - which allows you to make nets.

All in all another great show.

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