Thursday, 9 August 2007


I have discovered this very powerful tool called scrapblog.

Basically it is a online slide show generator. It is a powerful piece of kit. It allows you to add text, draw shapes, add backgrounds, import photos and videos.

The real power is the way it interfaces with youtube for videos and a number of photo hosting sites. (You can also upload, it interfaces with PhotoBucket, Yahoo! Photos, Flickr, Webshots and Facebook) Web 2.0 in action.

I've been using it to create a holiday scrapblog. I've uploaded my pictures to flickr and then just import them into my scrapblog.

The screen shot show what it looks like. It is very easy to use and can create some great pieces of work. The website has loads of examples since these are created just like a blog.

Check this one out... and then look at the community page.

Linking this back into education. I've been reading Anthony's Blog and he has been exploring ICT and the skills needed within the Primary Frameworks.

This tool can be applied to a number of areas. For example:

In Y2 when design a website is offered as an activity. - sracpblogs could be a useful tool, along with wikkis.

Year 6 Non-fiction - Unit 4Formal/impersonal writing(3 weeks) - children create a guided tour presentation.

ICT Applications in Literacy - Multimedia - Shows all the possible uses of Multimedia software - scrapblogs would fit in aith all these areas.

Thats all for now - ill post my finished scrapblog later in the week.


Alex said...

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your post on the use of Scrapblog in education and your ideas. We are open to suggestions on how to improve scrapblog for educational use. Please let me know if you have other comments and if you would like to join our user panel that gives us feedback (minimal time commitment!).


Nic Hughes said...

I'd be quite interested in that user panel and i'll have a think about educatinal suggestions.

email me.

Anthony Evans said...

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