Saturday, 16 June 2007

Redbridge ICT Conference 2007 Part 2 David Ware

The second speaker of the day was David Ware from Little Heath School, he is an AST and ICT Co-ordinator. Little Heath is a school for children with Special Educational Needs.

David talked about how ICT provided children with unique learning opportunities.

He said that there are no limits to children's achievement when given the correct opportunities and experiences. Children want to learn, but for some children learning equals failure.

Why can't learning be fun?

He showed a great video with children and staff reactions to ICT and one girl was talking about using educationcity. She liked it because it was fun, but didn't seem to consider it learning as that had to be boring. David said that we are at a crossroads where personal learning styles are becoming ever more important, and ICT is one why in which they can be tackled.

The videos he showed had been created showing the impact of ICT in the school. The school has a comprehensive intranet, which does many things that an MLE should do, keeping records and tracking progress.

The school also uses there intranet, to store and record all the events round the school. Cameras are in use all the time, he carries one with him at all times. They are using to document events and learning, its nice to catch children being good.

ICT had been used to create a community. The photos allow learning to be revisited and retold and presented. He showed a few videos which did this very effectively. The children are also involved in a school radio station that is hosted by pupils.

ICT helps to remove barriers.

Children are informing teaching.

David showed a wonderful snapshot, of how ICT can be used to support and aid children in their learning.

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