Monday, 5 March 2007

Graphic Novels, the new Literacy Superheroes

Read a very interesting article today from the culture section of this weeks Sunday Times.

It was discussing the impact and popularity of graphic novels.

For those of you who don't know a graphic novel is basically a comic book, but the story is more self contained a complete, unlike a monthly comic book.

The most interesting point was in the final paragraph and I thought was very relevant in light of the new strategy and multimodal texts.

"The visual arts are booming. The screen fills our lives through television, cinema and computers. Thanks to computers, even when we are obliged to read words, we expect them to be arrange into helpful modules, with plenty of graphics. The computer normalises the graphic novel as a form. The graphical user interface may one day be seen as the most important invention of our time. Through such devices, the imperial image reigns and is more successfully than ever before, invading the book" - Bryan Appleyard Sunday Times 4th March 2007

Definitely has some interesting points to consider.

We have been saying for a while about the impact of images in the classroom. Perhaps we can look even further into it?


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